Stocks, Bonds & Soccer Moms

Regain Your Balance With This Step-By-Step Guide!  Are you juggling motherhood, marriage–and perhaps a career? Whether you’re a career woman or a stay-at-home mom, you want to give your all in every part of your life.

Personal time and romance become distant memories and the stress piles high. Sound familiar? There is a solution!  Stocks, Bonds & Soccer Moms returns you to that all-important sense of balance, fulfillment, and contentedness in seven clear steps.

  • Put the romance back in your marriage
  • Learn to set boundaries and ask for help
  • Let go of perfectionism and the damaging myth of the “supermom”-the secret principle that will change    everything
  • Receive the help you need with your kids and household responsibilities
  • Eliminate energy-sucking, toxic relationships and replace them with a supportive sisterhood
  • Take control of your finances, set clear financial goals, and sleep so much better at night

Michelle’s own journey to balance was the inspiration for this book. Her story and teachings will inspire