Danville author releases book on college finances

May 28, 2015

by Cierra Bailey

top_logoDanville resident and author Michelle Perry Higgins has released a new book titled, “College Poor No More! 100 $avings Tips for College Students,” which advises college students on how to manage their money while in school.

“Staying ahead financially in life can start with one’s college years,” Higgins said. “I felt it was imperative to provide students with simple methods to be spend-savvy for the many different aspects of college life they’ll experience — like housing, cooking, eating, travel and being social.”

The average amount of college student debt upon graduation is $30,000, according to Higgins, who said her new book is meant to serve as a roadmap for ways to be fiscally responsible and avoid money shortages.

How to properly budget, cutting costs and being frugal while still having fun are some of the topics discussed in “College Poor No More!”

The book is available through Amazon.com, and Higgins said 100% of the profits from the book will go to providing student scholarships.

In addition to being an author, Higgins is a financial planner and she is on the “Wall Street Journal” Expert Panel. She has released two other books: “The Everything Binder: Financial, Estate, and Personal Affairs Organizer” and “Stocks, Bonds & Soccer Moms: 7 Steps to a Balanced Life.”