Friendship, Money, And Sex: A Working Mother’s Guide To Having It All

November 12, 2013
by Michelle Perry Higgins

 yahoo-finIf you’re a woman and the pressures of your home, work, and love lives leave you feeling like you’re drowning and you can’t remember the last time you had fun you’re not alone. In a recent Pew Research study, over half of all working mothers reported the difficulty in juggling these roles and maintaining balance in their lives.

Bay Area financial planner, mother and author Michelle Perry Higgins believes that she has the answer. In her new book, Stocks, Bonds, & Soccer Moms: 7 Steps to a Balanced Life, she draws upon her experience, wisdom, and personal trials to help other women achieve balance in their lives.

“My job as a partner in a financial advisory firm is important and demanding, but so are my roles as a mother, wife, and friend,” she says. “It took me a long time to figure out how to manage all those roles successfully and that was my inspiration for this book. I want to share my success with women who work hard but sometimes feel overwhelmed by it all.”

Scheduled to hit shelves December 1st, the book takes a light-hearted look at being a working mother in the 21st century and shows women that it’s possible to find that elusive balance. “The seven steps are practical and anyone can do them,” she says. “Just like exercise, it takes discipline, but you always feel better after you’re done.”

Higgins states that being a successful woman in today’s increasingly complex technological world entails juggling multiple roles with a shrinking amount of personal time for her to recharge. “Between climbing the corporate ladder and getting the kids to soccer on time, it’s easy to put yourself last among the demands of modern life,” she says, “but like the flight attendant tells you on the airplane, you’ve got to put on your own oxygen mask first!”