Local Writer Kicks ‘Super Mom’ Expectations To The Curb

“An entire generation of working mothers nobly tried to reach an unattainable goal, attempting to become something that didn’t exist,” writes Higgins.

January 8, 2014

by Jane McInnis

The myth of the superwoman is unapologetically tackled by a Danville author in her recent book, which debuted in December and has quickly climbed to Amazon’s Best Sellers list. The lighthearted self-help book, ‘Stocks, Bonds and Soccer Moms’ written by mother, wife, financial planner and now author Michelle Perry Higgins provides women seven steps to living a balanced life. Before symmetry can be attained, letting go of the ‘super mom’ fantasy must be surrendered, Higgins writes. “How could we, as a society, have ever allowed women to believe this line of supermom super-crap?” reads an excerpt from the first chapter of her book, Step One: Learn to Be a “Good Enough” Mom. Higgins began writing the book after the birth of her first daughter Lauren, who is now 10.  While juggling motherhood, work and marriage, unrealistic expectations made her reach her breaking point. “You get to this dark place and you don’t want to admit it,” Higgins said. “Women want to be superwoman but the reality is, she doesn’t exist,” she said. The book is punchy, straight-forward and spry. The topic has certainly stuck a chord with its readers. Within the first week of its release, it reached Amazon’s Top 100 books in Parenting and Relationships.

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