The Experts…On Couples, Collectibles, Debt And Play Money

How Should Couples Avoid Fights About Money?
April 22, 2013
Excerpt by Michelle Perry Higgins

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1. Understand Your Finances: At least twice a month, sit down and review your pay stubs and bills together.

2. Develop a Savings Plan: Talk about how much money you should be putting away for the year, both individually and as a couple.

3. Make Wise Expenditures: Be absolutely sure the two of you discuss any big ticket items before making a purchase.

4. Be Honest About How Much You Owe: Never, ever conceal debt from one another.

5. Create a Budget: Establish firm spending limits for important household categories.

6. Get Professional Help: Take time as a couple to sit down with a solid financial adviser and review your investments, goals, financial plan and risk tolerances.